Spring Pond Care, Clean Out and Your Investment

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It’s that time again. You know what I’m talking about…that time when you wash the windows, scrub the cupboards and door frames, send the drapes to the cleaners, get the gutters and heating ducts cleaned…those jobs you only do a few times a year. It’s the Spring Cleaning bug. It’s hard work. Dirty work. Work you take great satisfaction in when it is complete.

It’s also time to think about your pond cleaning. A thorough cleaning will remove all the decaying leaves and yard waste that drops in your pond as well as any fish elimination. A sparkling clean, fresh looking pond is like those sparkling clean windows. You know the windows are dirty but you really don’t grasp how dirty until you have them clean and streak free. Your pond might not look all that bad, but once you see it cleaned out you will really notice the difference.

Our professionals at DRC Landscaping will safely remove your fish and place them in a portable tank while we empty the water and clean all the debris out of the pond. We don’t just change the water, we power wash, getting the little crevices and spaces only fine pond waste invades.

A major cleaning is recommended in April or May to remove all the fall and winter debris. To make this a little easier you can invest in a dip net. This will collect a good share of the leaves as they drop from nearby trees. Another option is to have a dip net to scoop out the debris on the surface of your pond as well as the bottom. It is important to keep your pond clear for the health and effectiveness of your filtration system. If left unkempt there will be decay that can pollute your pond with excess algae growth.

Warmer months will also require the addition of a solution to your water to inhibit algae growth. Sunshine brings warmer temperatures and increases the rate of algae growth. Your fish are also more active in the warm summer months and will produce more waste.

Your fish are very sensitive to changes in the water. For this reason, most maintenance on your pond will only have about a 10% change in the overall water. Our aquatic team will take extra care to keep some of the original water to prevent stressing your fish when they are introduced into their cleaned environment.

A final consideration when caring for your pond is the plant life you have. Plants have debris, and your fish will pick at the plants causing more debris. In the fall the plants can be trimmed back, removing any dead parts. In the spring. Your plants will not only enhance the beauty of your pond, they offer cover for your fish. Our aquatic specialist can suggest some excellent options that will thrive in your setting.


Contact us today to learn more about caring for your pond and be sure to ask about netting your pond in the fall!