Brick Pavers or Stamped Concrete?

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Are you adding a patio or sidewalk to your landscaping and stuck on which option is best? You are asking questions, doing research and getting opinions from everyone but are not any closer to your decision? Well, you are on the right track. Research is just the first step. Let’s take a look at both and discover some pros and cons of each.

Stamped Concrete:

  • A variety of colors, patterns and looks make stamped concrete very attractive
  • Typically costs less
  • Plan ahead for any buried things like pipes or cables
  • Heaving or cracking of stamped concrete can require an entire section to be replaced
  • Can take a while (up to 3-4 days) to cure before it can be used
  • Can mimic natural stone

Brick Pavers:

  • Colors and sizes allow for unique patterns and can be set in a monochromatic theme or installed with bolder colored accents
  • In general has less cracking or breakage
  • Polymeric joining sand allows for movement, water drainage and inhibits weeds from growing between the bricks
  • Larger expense up front, but typically outlasts its competitor
  • Easy to install, easy to repair
  • Can become uneven without proper base layer installation

Another consideration is safety. Any product is susceptible to damage, including cracking or breaking. We see that as a result of Michigan winters all the time. As the ground freezes and thaws throughout the season we see frost heave. The ground expands and shrinks, and your patio or sidewalk will show you the aftereffects. Proper base layers included in your installation will prevent, or at least lessen the effects of frost heave.

Whatever your needs are, speak with your professional landscaping team at DRC Landscaping (989) 295-0558 to have all you questions answered. We want to help you choose the right product to fit your needs.