Booms and Lights!

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Each time our team flips the switch to turn on our newest waterfall I feel anticipation bubbling up right with the water as it is pumped to the top fall box. As it fills in the spaces and groves that make the water fall in a specific pattern I feel a sense of serenity as the calmness of the water washes over the rocks. It clears the dust away and carries it to the filtration system, cleansing nooks and crannies. I relate to it as I let the sight and sound of that waterfall cleanse the hard, dusty day from me. I look around at the faces of my co-workers. We all have the same satisfaction in a job well done. But it is a really precious thing to see the look on our customer’s faces as they see their investment running for the first time. It reminds me when I was little and it is the fourth of July. We were allowed to play with the “safe” fireworks. Things like sparklers, pop-its, those smelly snake things…kid stuff. That is like the building phase of a waterfall. The sparklers. The show before the show. Each night when the homeowner gets home, they look at the progress and use their imagination to try to see the final picture. You know roughly what it will be. Boulders, falling water, some noise and splashing, accent pieces giving the shape of the pond and the way the water will fall. It’s the sparklers. Plugging the waterfall in and seeing what you have been imagining for the past few days is the main attraction. It’s the big booms and lights of the fourth of July!