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What comes to mind when you hear the term “aquascape”? It is one we don’t regularly hear in the landscaping industry. As one might guess, landscaping typically involves trees, shrubs and flowers. These are termed softscapes. Likewise, landscaping that involves brick pavers used in patios, pathways, driveways, and stone retaining walls and the like are termed hardscapes. So what exactly is an aquascape? Aquascaping simply adds water to the mix. That’s what we do here at DRC Landscaping. We are your water, or aquascape expert. We custom build each water feature, waterfall and bubbling rock fountain with our customers in mind. The founder of DRC Landscaping, Dan Cherry spends time with our customers learning their needs and takes their ideas, combines them with his own and creates an aquatic masterpiece. You can see some of Dan’s creations in our portfolio, but it’s not like seeing it in person. The full experience of enjoying the sound of water will soothe you instantly. No two designs are the same!