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I don’t know about you, but I am eager for Spring. Each year I enjoy looking for the buds to appear on the trees and the bulbs underground reach for the sun. I like to see the life nature brings as it awakens from its Winter slumber. The air is still crisp but warming a bit. The sky seems bluer. Everything about Spring seems to awaken my senses and bring them to attention.

Many homeowners and business owners are thinking about getting into their yards for Spring clean-up. Uncovering any perennials, removing stray leaves, doing any trimming…all signs of new life growing. There are many benefits to gardening besides curb appeal. Pride in a job well done is one that we all feel. A physical benefit is awakening muscles we haven’t used in months as we lean over our flowerbeds. A deeper benefit is an improved mood. Researchers are always studying the relationship between health and improved mental state. They have found that stimulating the senses with nature has many benefits. The sounds of water, the smells of fresh cut grass and blooming flowers, the taste of freshly grown herbs, the sensation of a soft tulip petal between our fingers, and seeing the winter browns turn to green all have mood lifting effects.

As landscapers, we look forward to getting back out into nature and doing what we do best. We get our creative juices flowing with fresh ideas for the season. We have been studying up on the new trends and improved products to bring to your front yard.